Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley

Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley provides flexible literacy programs to help adults and their families reach their education, employment, and life goals. We provide cost-free services to adults and their families living in Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire counties.  Our goal is that our students will become lifelong learners and active community members.

Literacy Speaks at Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley Luncheon

Literacy Speaks presenters are left to right  MaryJo VanGompel, Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley, John Hildebrand, Nabil Elnashar, Thna Said, Mary Ciresi, Paul Kulig, Linda Bolgren, Joel Jevne and Dave Rasmussen. Missing from the photo is Nahla Sakar.

Do you remember what it was like before you could to read this article?  It can be very frustrating to not know how to read a menu, figure out the correct tip for your server, or read a book to your child.  These are some of the difficulties faced by adults here in the Chippewa Valley who have not learned how to read, write, or learn basic math skills.  To better understand the importance of literacy, the second annual “Literacy Speaks” luncheon was held on Jan. 15, 2015 at Florian Gardens, Eau Claire.
At Literacy Speaks, inspirational presentations were given by volunteer tutors and students at Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley.  Special guest author John Hildebrand was the keynote speaker. Hildebrand is the author of four nonfiction books and an English professor at UW-Eau Claire.  In addition to being a published writer, Hildebrand is also an avid reader.
“None of us would be here today without a passionate relationship to reading that goes beyond just acquiring information,” Hildebrand said. “I think each of us, at some point in time, had a moment of discovery when we realized that what we were reading in a book was somehow about us. The characters and event described in the book may have been “made up“, yet they said something pertinent about our own lives, our own circumstances.”
Literacy Volunteers’ student presenters gave their personal perspectives on what it means to have low literacy. “You do not know what it is like not being able to read.  Because of (my tutor) and Literacy Volunteers, I have been able to start a new life.  Now I have at least some of the tools to read and write.  I no longer have to use only my memory to put something together,” one student said.
In addition to Literacy Speaks creating awareness about illiteracy in our community, it serves as a fund raiser to support literacy services in the Chippewa Valley (Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire counties).  Over 100 invited community leaders attended the luncheon and the presentation.  For more information, contact Executive Director MaryJo VanGompel at 715-834-0222.

Thank you to Everyone Who Supported Literacy Volunteers at Green Mill on December 22-23, 2014
On Dec. 22-23, 2014, if you ate at the Green Mill, 2703 Craig Road, Eau Claire, 20% of your bill went to support Literacy Volunteers.  This was part of the “Green Mill for Good” Give-Back promotion. 

Watch Parents Sharing Books Story on WQOW

Literacy Volunteers Parents Sharing Books program was covered in a news story on WQ"OW TV 13.  To view the video, click here.

View the WEAU TV Video on Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, Chippewa Valley Literacy Volunteers was featured in a news story about #GivingTuesday on WEAU TV 13.  To view that video, click here.  

#Giving Tuesday inspires people to improve our local community by giving back in better, smarter ways during the holiday, giving season. Even though December 2nd has passed, you can still make an investment to Literacy Volunteers. To make a donation now go to For every dollar invested in literacy programs, there is $33 in economic benefit returned to the economy.
For more information, you can contact Literacy Volunteers at 715-834-0222 or
For more details about the #GivingTuesday movement, visit the #GivingTuesday website (, Facebook page ( or follow #GivingTuesday ( and the #GivingTuesday hashtag on Twitter.

View 2013-2014 Annual Report

Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley 2013-2014 Annual Report is available now.  Read it online.  Copies will also be mailed to all financial donors and community partners.

Read our latest newsletter online.

Spanish Speakers Phone Line and Poster

Spanish speakers are the fastest growing immigrant population in the Chippewa Valley. Our latest outreach efforts have dedicated a Spanish phone line at LVCV and displayed new posters in Mexican restaurants and grocery stores in Eau Claire. If you know a Spanish speaking adult who wants to learn or improve English, offer our Spanish line (715-456-3155) and a Spanish speaker will return calls promptly. You may also direct them to our Facebook page.

LVCV Tutor is Jefferson Award Winner

Read the article about tutor Jim McConnell, winner of the Jefferson Award that was in the Leader Telegram.

PSAs Featured During Literacy Month

Throughout the month of September Public Service Announcements for Literacy Volunteers -- Chippewa Valley aired on six radio stations: Oldies 1150, WAYY, Bob FM as well as from time to time on WAXX, I94 and 92.9 The X.  A special thanks to radio personality John Murphy for making this happen.  If you would like to listen to the two PSAs now click here and here.

Literacy Volunteers in United Way Video

Check out the United Way of the Chippewa Valley's 2014 Campaign Video.  Literacy Volunteers - Chippewa Valley is one of the highlighted agencies.  Great video about our program.